Transparency and Humanized Management

We seek to implement a humanized process for management and development of our team, conscious of the importance of setting transparent objectives, and personally valuing each of our employees.

People + Professionalism

The most valuable asset of our firm is our employees. That is why we make People one of the fundamental pillars of our Culture, along with the second essential pillar: Professionalism.

Everything we do has this double look at People and Professionalism. We continuously search for dignity, ethics and character, as well as for the assumption of responsibilities, commitment to dedication and continuous development, so that each professional can be seen as a friend and partner, while achieving the level of excellence expected from our clients.

Career Plan

We have a complete Career Plan, duly structured, transparent and inclusive, so that all our professionals can see themselves as builders of their own professional trail, in an objective, predictable and impartial manner.

Clear and Objective Goals

We set clear and objective goals, simultaneously aiming at the consistent growth of our firm, and transparency for professionals about what they need to do to progress in our structure and advance in all levels of the Career Plan. In our view, the goals set are based on the appropriate correspondence with the employee’s function and level, are concrete and equitable.

In addition, we hold annual feedback meetings, in which we seek to bring certainty and transparency to our professionals; and structured quarterly meetings, in which we return to previous feedbacks and guide our professionals regarding the next steps in their career plans.


We carry out a quantitative census on an annual basis, in order to continue to promote diversity in our teams.

We also implement a qualitative census, that is, a metric on satisfaction levels on a biannual basis, so that we can continue working on methods and actions to generate inclusion, ensuring that everyone feels safe and belonging in our team.

Inspiring Conversations

Internally and periodically, we promote open conversations with guests with from most varied backgrounds, to generate inspiration, learning, reflections, and development for our professionals.

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