Tax Law

Cepeda Advogados has a team of experienced and qualified lawyers, dedicated specifically to the practice of Tax Law for its Brazilian and foreign clients.

Specialized tax advice to the investment fund industry and transactions in the financial and capital markets, as well as to Private Clients, Family Offices and Corporate Clients.

The activities performed by Cepeda Advogados in its Tax Law practice include:

  • tax consulting services for the Asset Management, Investment Fund and Private Equity, industries, and in the context of our Corporate Law and M&A practice, involving:
    • o advice to financial and capital markets players, in particular to investment managers, administrators, investment advisors, placement agents, custodians, and market infrastructure (exchanges, over-the-counter market, clearing houses, registrars, depositories), among others;
    • o advice in M&A and corporate transactions;
    • advice in domestic and international contracts;
    • o advice in foreign investments;
    • o advice to payment processors/institutions and fintechs; and
    • advice in relation to digital business and business involving intellectual property.
  • tax planning, including for transactions involving Investment Funds, monitoring legal and regulatory developments in relation to tax matters, and advice in connection with tax issues, including Estate Planning.
  • advice and support to Private Clients and Family Offices in connection with conducting their businesses, provision of close and swift assistance to them with understanding and solving strategic legal and tax issues, activities to protect and cover their assets in the form of tax planning, including support to Estate Planning, by means of the following activities:
    • tax advice relating to tax planning for Private Clients and Family Offices in their everyday business and organization, as well as strategic analyses involving asset protection and succession of assets and rights (shareholding interests, real estate, financial investments, and pension), and business transactions;
    • tax advice in transactions involving transfer of title or ownership (purchases and sales, redemptions, donations, share capital payments, share capital reductions) by natural persons and legal entities;
    • tax advice and consulting services for the management and organization of companies and businesses; and
    • monitoring tax laws and regulations, in particular in relation to topics that may have an effect on the activities of Private Clients and Family Offices, including issues concerning Income Tax, Tax on Inheritance and Donations – ITCMD, and Property Transfer Tax – ITBI, among others.
  • tax consulting services in general, involving:
    • legal queries and opinions;
    • consulting services and advice in relation to corporate taxation for companies;
    • consulting services on treaties for the prevention of double taxation, including matters relating to transfer pricing;
    • advice in structuring or restructuring business and Corporate activities;
    • assistance with due diligenceand review of tax-related procedures and tax returns;
    • consulting services to Brazilian and foreign individuals in matters relating to income tax, assets held by Brazilian citizens overseas, and advice in preparing or reviewing tax returns.
  • consulting services relating to compliance with applicable tax laws, involving assistance with assessing compliance with tax obligations by taxpayers and other persons responsible for tax obligations, including with obtaining registrations (National Register of Corporate Taxpayers – CNPJ, State Enrollment, Municipal Enrollment, permits, renewal of tax clearance certificates etc.), and management of tax clearance certificates.
    • advice in tax management and compliance; and
    • monitoring tax laws and regulations, in particular for the financial and capital markets.
  • tax litigation, involving the defense of the interests of clients by means of specialized legal measures and identification of contingent tax liabilities; and
  • administrative tax proceedings, involving the preparation and management of defenses and appeals at the federal, state, and municipal levels, and preparation of tax queries and application for special regimes at the federal, state, and municipal levels.

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