Sustainable Investments and ESG Practices

The incorporation of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance – ESG aspects is an ongoing process to be built and developed with our clients, based on their own priorities, particularities, and perspectives.

Cepeda Advogados has a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals to join our clients on this journey, from an institutional and internal perspective to identifying and evaluating opportunities and adaptation eventually required in their products, services, and business environment.

Cepeda Advogados constantly monitors related topics that may be of interest to our clients in order to anticipate information, provide opinions and customized and transformative solutions.

The activities performed by our firm in its ESG practice include:

ESG Business Performance:

  • Structuring, incorporating and offering Sustainable Investment (SI) Funds and funds that integrate ESG factors, according to ANBIMA classification, thematic funds, impact funds, agribusiness funds (FIAGRO) and Social and environmental receivables funds (FIDC), among others;
  • Assessment of opportunities, risks and regulations on ESG factors, designing products and solutions for the capital market;
  • Structuring of funding and investments through debt securities, such as green bonds, social bonds, blue bonds and other sustainability-related securities;
  • Structuring financial assets and/or securities backed by carbon credits and transactions in the national and international carbon markets;
  • Structuring funding and investments through equity linked to ESG performance and/or debt transactions and sustainable financing, as well as the combination of hybrid securities;

ESG Value Creation:

  • Compliance programs and manuals, internal policies and support in presenting and defining ESG criteria, materiality and procedures to be implemented by the client (“the client’s inner perspective”);
  • Structuring corporate governance and transparency for the purpose of aligning interests with investors, stakeholders and the management, preparing engagement and stewardship programs and compensation plans linked to ESG goals as well as structuring tools for monitoring such activities;
  • Training and courses on ESG practices and aspects, with tailor-made content considering the particularities, materiality and ESG trajectory traced by each Client;
  • Advice on preparing information disclosure and transparency reports on ESG matters.

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