Asset Management

Cepeda Advogados is a law firm largely recognized for its activities in the Asset Management market, with an experienced team of lawyers specifically focused on this industry.

The firm is extensively active in the provision of advice to investiment manage, administrators, placement agents, family offices, financial institutions, and professional investors in all regulatory, self-regulatory, and compliance matters applicable to their structuring, formation and operating activities, necessary to satisfy increasingly complex requirements and to keep up with the development of the respective industries.

The activities performed by the firm’s Asset Management practice include:

  • advice in connection with the incorporation and Corporate structuring and registration of investiment manage, administrators, placement agents, investment advisors and securities analysts, custodians and registrars with the appropriate authorities;
  • advice in structuring and registering the full range of Investment Funds, in Brazil and overseas (including cooperation with foreign law firms), and their relevant offerings;
  • advice in connection with such institutions’ Corporate(incorporation, shareholders’ agreements, partnership structures, corporate restructuring, among others) and Tax matters (queries, memorandum, defense in and out of court, among others);
  • assistance with the preparation or review of internal manual and policies required under applicable regulations and self-regulations to adapt them to the relevant requirements and best market practices;
  • advice in relation to compliance practices, provision of training, structuring of compliance monitoring tools, preparation or review of internal supervision reports, and continuous monitoring of topics of interest to industry players;
  • advice in connection with anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) tasks, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Partner (KYP) practices, and support mandatory report to the appropriate authorities;
  • advice on the laws, regulations, self-regulations, guidelines, and administrative and legal precedents relevant to the Asset Management industry,in particular those passed or issued by the Brazilian Securities Commission – CVM, the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN), the Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association (ANBIMA), the Brazilian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (ABVCAP), the Federal Revenue Authority – RFB and other regulators, self-regulatory organizations and other entities relevant to such industry;
  • advice in relation to ESG – Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance matters for the Asset Management industry, including assistance with preparing internal policies and determining criteria and procedures to be followed internally in general and when making investments;
  • advice in connection with the laws and regulations applicable to investments made by institutional investors, such as pension plans and insurance companies;
  • representation in administrative proceedings to defend the interests of investiment manage, administrators, placement agents, investiment advisor and securities analysists, custodians and registrars, in particular before CVM and ANBIMA;
  • representation of clients in public hearings concerning laws and regulations proposed by the appropriate authorities in connection with matters relating to the Asset Management and Investment Fund industries.

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