Social actions

We actively and periodically contribute to projects in which we believe, both financially and through the dedication of our employees.


Each year, we support TUCCA – “Association for children and adolescents with cancer” by holding the action “McDia Feliz” in partnership with McDonald’s. The Association has existed for over twenty years and is exclusively dedicated to the cure of cancer in children and adolescents, in partnership with Santa Marcelina Hospital.

Instituto Sol

Founded in 2017 by a group of executives who are convinced of the transforming power of education, its mission is to transform lives through quality education, which is provided to low-income youths with high learning potential who want to develop and build a better future for themselves and their families.

The objective of Sol Institute is to select, annually, five low-income youths attending the 9th year of Elementary School in public schools, and who want to follow new paths by entering one of the best private schools in São Paulo.

Parceiros da Educação

Parceiros da Educação (or “Education Partners”) is a civil society organization of public interest that fully supports the education of public school students by strengthening their learning. For this purpose, it makes partnerships with society, schools, and education departments, aiming at improving school performance with quality teaching, and contributing to educational public policies.

After the initial analysis, the actions are defined and implemented with the commitment of all parties – schools, networks, Education Partners and other peers. The actions developed together with government departments strengthen the implementation and sustainability of educational public policies.


FEFIG Institute of Education, Culture and Sports is a non-profit civil society organization that supports and establishes partnerships between educational projects and supporters whose values include human development and appreciation of diversity.

The Institute operates with the support of 18 organizations, 270 managers and 1,524 educators/supervisors. In addition, more than 21,000 children and adolescents are directly impacted, while more than 35,000 are indirectly impacted.

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