Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion Group (GDI) was created in 2020 to generate the exchange of experiences, discussions and promotion of affirmative actions, aiming at making the firm a more diverse and inclusive environment. Due to its exponential growth and the adhesion of a significant part of our team, the GDI was divided into three subgroups: (i) Gender Equality; (ii) Racial Equality; and (iii) LGBTQIAP+ Rights.

GDI – Gender Equality

This group proposes debates on how the firm may contribute to promoting gender equality in corporate environments, and raising awareness of the importance of establishing a diverse environment that respects the needs, interests and rights of all genders equally.

GDI – Racial Equality

This group fosters debates on the most effective ways to promote racial equality, especially in our market, with a view to creating fair opportunities for professionals, regardless of their race. We bear in mind that fair opportunities not always mean equal opportunities, and that equitative measures to the existence and absence of privileges based on race are fundamental.

c) GDI – LGBTQIAP+ Rights

The group deals especially with LGBTQIAP+ individuals, their needs and difficulties in the corporate environment, and dignified and practical alternatives to face them.

Diversity in practice

Some initiatives to promote diversity, equality and inclusion in our Firm include:

Cepeda’s Salary Policy determines that all professionals must be compensated exclusively according to their position and level, regardless of gender or any other personal characteristic.

We have a Parental Leave Policy that grants to all professionals (and not only mothers), regardless of their family structure, the benefit of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child, guaranteeing the presence of the mother, father, main caregiver and second caregiver next to the child in need.

In partnership with Financial Black Network (FBN), an institution that promotes affirmative actions to reduce the underrepresentation of black people in our market, we carry out a selective internship process focused on black students, strengthening our goal of being an increasingly diverse environment, while also contributing to reducing historical inequalities.

Our People Development Policy is focused on subsidizing and encouraging the development of employees, including interns, through courses and attendance in events directly or indirectly related to the activities performed at the firm, and the skills needed to do so.

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