Strategic litigation

Cepeda Advogados offers a specialized practice with expertise in pre-litigation advice and representation in any type of highly complex litigation, in particular involving matters relating to its Asset Management,Investment Funds, Private Equity, Estate Planning, Family Law and Succession,Corporate Law and M&A, and Real Estate practices.

The activities performed by the firm in its Strategic Litigation practice include:

  • practice in dispute prevention and mediation, offering alternatives and negotiating settlement agreements with governmental agencies and third parties as an alternative to administrative and judicial litigation;
  • specialized representation in administrative and legal proceedings to defend the interests of the players of the Asset Management, Investments Funds and Private Equity industries,such as investment managers, administrators, placement agents, investment advisories, securities analysts, custodians and registrars, providing extensive knowledge of precedents, before the Brazilian Securities Commission – CVM, the Central Bank of Brazil – BACEN, the Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association – ANBIMA, the Regional Economics Council – CORECON, the National Financial System’s Appeals Council – CRSFN, and other regulators and self-regulation organizations;
  • defense of the interests of clients, both corporates and natural persons, resident in Brazil or overseas, in judicial disputes before any court and in any jurisdiction, acting with local advisers, whenever necessary;
  • practice in credit recovery and enforcement of security;
  • due diligence on legal and administrative proceedings, including in the context of mergers and acquisitions, and creation of security;
  • representation in Family Law and Succession proceedings, such as: changing marital property regimes, establishing and terminating common law marriages, divorce, child support and alimony, revision of child visitation rules, probate matters, declaration of incapacity/incompetence actions, and permits;
  • practice in Corporate disputes, seeking to validate or overturn administrative decisions, including in case of liquidation, partial termination of companies and calculation of assets; and
  • representation in Real Estate proceedings, such as: adverse possession, repossession, eviction, rent revision, and lease renewal actions.

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